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NFL Play 60 Fitnessgram

FITNESSGRAM® will be made available to select schools in each of the 32 NFL PLAY 60 markets. Data will be collected from the fitness assessments to form a youth longitudinal study that will track health results. The results can be used by the school as a part of their program evaluation.

Childhood obesity and inactivity have grown to epidemic proportions. Youth who are overweight or obese are more likely to have health risk factors associated to cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type II diabetes. Due to the early onset of these risk factors, this generation may be the first to not outlive their parents. Additionally, children who are obese are more likely to be victims of social discrimination.

Accumulating research is indicating positive associations between physical activity and physical fitness as they relate to improved health, self-esteem, academic performance, attendance, and discipline. This supports the need for regular physical education and activity promotion in schools.

Thus, we need your support to help us continue to promote healthy lifestyles in children. For more information, click here

Interested in Participating?

If you are interested in having your school and/or community organization participate in the NFL PLAY 60 FITNESSGRAM project please call or email the information below to be placed on a waiting list.

Call:      1-800-635-7050 or

  • This is not a guarantee of acceptance into the project.
  • If selected you will be contacted by a participating NFL team.


Benefits for Participating Schools

  1. Free access to FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM web-based version through 2015;
  2. Support and training from The Cooper Institute;
  3. Access to relevant information surrounding FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM; and
  4. Opportunity to objectively measure and evaluate your students' fitness and activity levels.


Expectations of Participating Schools

  1. Administrative support for physical education and use of FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM in the schools;
  2. Test fitness levels of students two times
    (pre-post) during the school year;
  3. Enter fitness scores of students into the web-based FITNESSGRAM program; and
  4. Send home at least one FITNESSGRAM report card (i.e. hard copy and/or email version) to all students tested.